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Bach Flower Therapy

     The Original Bach Flower Therapy was developed over sixty years ago by the English physician Edward Bach to serve as a simple form of preventive health care. Today it enjoys a worldwide reputation.

     Bach Flower Therapy helps us to deal more constructively with negative behavior patterns of the human nature such as jealousy, impatience, in-ability to say no, timidity, and inappropriate guilt patterns that are seen, Bach as well as many others, as a deeper cause of physical illness.

     By better understanding and correcting the “mental errors” underlying our negative behavior patterns, we can reconnect with our own true nature. With the help of Bach Flowers we regain access to our spiritual healing forces, which strengthen our immune system and support our overall health.

     Bach Flowers may also be used to support professional psychological or medical treatment, but can not take their place.

Author - Mechthild Scheffer

     More information about Dr Bach, we have a Frequently Ask Questions that covers a lot more detail about Dr. Bach and Bach Flower Therapy that should answer nearly anything you may want to know about the methods and reasoning behind the therapy.

Your own personal Bach Flower Assessment is available here . . .

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