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Spiritual, Mental & Physical Balance

Full Consultation

     This is a in depth consultation to assess, evaluate and help you to bring balance to your life as a whole.  We will look at a variety of ways to accomplish this.

     In order for me to truly understand you I will need you to answer what may seem like a lot of questions. It is so I can see how daily life, habits and practices are affecting the details of your state of well being.

     There is several invasive modalities we can also use to evaluate your current state of well being.

  • Bach Flower Assessment- emotional/ spiritual wellness
  • PH Balancing- physical wellness
  • Hair and Nail Assessment- physical wellness
  • Nutrition Assessment- physical awareness

     These are a few modalities of what a full consult may entail but are not limited to.

Rhonda Brown

Your Personalized Full Consultation is available here . . .

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