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Recovery Month

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April 4, 2019

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Nutrition and Wellness Support   What is . . .  
Using nutrition adds physical support to addiction recovery. It can increase your success and bring support to the compromised areas of your body helping you to feel more at ease through the process of transition. Nutrition and Wellness support is finding the nutrient dense food and other healthy habits that would benefit you the most on your road to recovery. With individual plans that lead to discovering what amino acids benefits your recovery, to what healthy habits you need to have a higher rate of success.
7 SImple Steps . . .  
Seven Simple Steps . . .
Seven simple steps is all it takes to start this journey of supporting recovery physically.
1.) Eliminate refined sugars, avoiding processed foods.
2.) Discover what your body is deficient in.
3.) Exercise.
4.) Eat whole grains and lean proteins.
5.) Drink plenty of water.
6.) Take your daily dose of sunshine.
7.) Make sure to eat plenty of amino acids.
Your brain is one of the greatest weapons you have to battle addiction. Retraining your brain is simply creating to pathways. How in the world do you utilize your greatest weapon for your success and create new pathways? Our brains are so astonishing with each new change a new pathway is created. The brain takes the nutrition, habit, that it is receiving to the places that are deficient and begins to restore a balance to overcome triggers that usually lead to relapse.
In recovery it is important for you to do all you can do to nurture your needs physically, spiritually and emotionally. If given the tools your body needs recovery is possible.

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