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Winter Topic 2019: Overcoming the Winter Blues

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Nov 29, 2019

Overcoming the winter blues
Start Lifestyle Changes | Products to get you through | Final Thoughts

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Overcoming the Winter Blues

Frozen Creek - Winter Blues     Winter months often leave us feeling blue. The weather changes from warm to cold. We go from sunny and bright to overcast and gloomy. With all the changes our bodies adjust to less benefits that we have become accustom to for instance less sunshine alone can leave us with a decrease in vitamin D. This can cause a cascade of issues: getting colds easier, keeping them longer, and even the progression of it becoming more serious. We can counter this by taking quality supplement in the winter. Don’t lose hope there is still beauty and plenty of benefits to reap during the winter months. With the days becoming shorter even nature comes to a place of resting longer. Our body and our lives need quality rest, so let yourself rest in the calm, quietness of winter. Some practical ways to combat winter blues is listening to comforting music. Cooking soothing foods with warmer spices like cayenne, and ginger this help our core temps to rise to the summer temps our bodies is missing. You can find beauty in this season even with the warmth and comfort of being with family and friends more often.

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How to Start Lifestyle Changes?

     Simple steps to lifestyle change can be what catapults you to success. Here are five steps to consider.

  1. Exercise more than you currently are. (that may be starting with stretching only, then gradually working toward a goal of 60 minutes daily.
  2. Eating fruits and veggies more regular. (that may look like one veggie at dinner then with a goal of veggies with every meal of every color).
  3. Drink more water (this may begin with replacing one of your beverages every day with water with a goal of 64oz of water daily).
  4. Attain quality sleep (decide to start going to bed five minutes earlier every night until you are at a goal of eight hours rest each night).
  5. Never give up or quit trying (it only takes 30 days to break a bad habit and less to add a new one).

     Consistently and faithfully approaching lifestyle changes does increase the success rate. Here’s a bonus tidbit is working on replacing a bad habit with a good habit.

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Products to get you through the Winter

  1. Elderberry Syrup - immune support (local pharmacy, herbalist)
  2. Smart Silver – immune support (Desbio partner company)
  3. Onions – cut and placed in rooms to clean air of viruses. Onion poultice, and in diet draw out colds, infections.
  4. Oscillocoinum – homeopathy help for flu like symptoms (available most retailers, Amazon.)
  5. Ginger Tea- Helps clear stomach ailments associated with GI bugs
  6. Raw Honey – throat care associated with upper respiratory symptoms (local is best: local beekeeper or farmers market)
  7. Probiotics- Helps restore balance after and during GI bugs. (Desbio Partner company, most health food stores. Look for multiple strains, the more strains the more helpful they can be.
  8. Sinus flush spray – cleans germs and mucus from nasal passage
  9. Oregano Essential Oil – kills germs, using as sanitizer (topical use)
  10. Tea Tree Essential Oil – excellent to use for cleaning for killing germs. Vinegar and 5 to 10 drops of tea tree (not pet friendly)

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Final Thoughts

     Enjoying the winter can be a dream come true! In spite of the obstacles that come with the winter season there can be balance. Some of the essentials we have mentioned in hopes that your winter will be full of cheer, hope and health. Please contact us if there is anything you would like to have more information about whether it be a product, recipe or perhaps a service we offer. Blessing to you and your family as holiday season is quickly approaching. Prayers for peace, love and health.

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